The Champagne Piaff Bar

Hugely popular at Beer Bop A Lula 2019 we are very proud to have Champagne Piaff returning for a second year.... and we can't wait to be serving their delicious champagne to all of our festival goers again this year.... what a treat we are in for!

The Champagne PIAFF Story

In the pristine vineyards of the Marne River valley outside Épernay lies the centuries-old home of Champagne PIAFF. And it is here, in a region that has won the hearts (and palates) of people across the world, that the story begins.

To truly find passion in every sip, our winemakers have used the experience of five generations to refine the art of Champagne production.

Champagne PIAFF embodies the characteristics that people have come to love about Champagne. Local winemakers’ have their own ancient techniques and traditions that allow them to make the most of their seasons and soil.

“Each sip of our Champagne brings a little joie de vivre.”

We believe that once you taste the passion bottled by Champagne PIAFF, you will begin to appreciate the small, intimate moments of everyday life, and discover joy and love in simply living.


30% Pinot Meunier
35% Pinot Noir
35% Chardonnay
An excellent example of a premium champagne. Initial brioche on the nose leading to pear and apple notes, highlighted by a magnificent, persistent mousse. Elegant yet lively with a complex vanilla finish and a hint of oak on the back of the palate.


30% Pinot Meunier
50% Pinot Noir
20% Chardonnay
A delightful and generous summertime Rosé champagne. Fresh strawberry aromas with a hint of cassis, leading to elements of red fruits and strawberry in perfect harmony on the palate.