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Beerbopalula 2019 - The Highlights

Beers for every taste!

Nature's Kitchen

Affectionate food from the Heart!

Helen and Kezi are the proud founders of Nature’s Kitchen. Close friends for more than a dozen years, they have been sharing recipes and their
love of food ever since. Kezi has Crohn’s Disease and Helen is gluten intolerant which led them to explore food that was yummy and satisfying,
but was still healthy and absolutely delicious. They never count calories (and Kezi hates the gym), are never satisfied with the lettuce leaf/cardboard food approach, are both slim and have tons of vitality.

We try our best to be eco-friendly and the lions share of our packaging is biodegradable.

We are passionate about animal welfare and as a company we strongly support animal causes.

We at Beer Bop A Lula think they Sound Fabulous! Looking forward to this :-)