• Your company name displayed on 2 beer firkins of your choice at the Festival.
  • Your company banner displayed on the perimeter fence of the Festival site
  • Your company logo with a "clickable link" to your website, displayed on the “Landing” page of our website and listed with a small description on the “Gold Sponsors” page of our website.
  • Your Company name listed against your chosen beer/s in the Festival Programme
  • Half page advert in the Festival Programme
  • Logo and Company name displayed on the large outdoor screen above the Main Marquee entrance in between bands
  • Your company logo on the back of our festival currency token “The Lula”
  • Social Media promotion of your sponsorship
  • Your company logo “Bear with Guitar” displayed on acoustic scrim side wings/top of the “Main Stage” (Costs of printed acoustic scrim would need to be paid by yourselves)
  • Main stage to be named “The Your Company Name Stage”

If you would like to purchase this package please complete our SPONSORSHIP FORM or for more information please email us at